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Welcome to the information hub for the
Foster Forsyth 5-Year Comprehensive Plan Update. Help shape Forsyth County’s future!


Foster Forsyth establishes the vision for future growth and development in our county, guides rezoning decisions, and helps inform other decisions and investments related to growth and development.

The previous comprehensive plan, Foster Forsyth 2017 – 2037, resulted from a major plan update that reworked our growth management approach. Georgia requires communities to update their comprehensive plans every five years, including a reevaluation of needs and opportunities, preferred options for future land use and development as well as action steps to achieve community goals.

This five-year update, which has a planning horizon of 2022 to 2042, focuses on fine-tuning the County’s future land use vision and related priority needs, opportunities, and associated action items to facilitate the community’s vision for future growth.




  • Forsyth County joined the Atlanta Regional Commission in July 2021. This transition recognizes that the growth dynamics in Forsyth County have a significant impact on the Atlanta Region.

  • Forsyth is one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia. Between 2010 and 2020, the population increased by 43 percent.

  • The number of jobs in Forsyth County grew by 41% between 2010 and 2020.

  • Of the 11 counties within the Atlanta Regional Commission, Forsyth County has the largest share of small businesses.